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The world is battling with the coronavirus pandemic, and the crisis has changed our lives as we know it. U.S. physician practices have reported that revenues have dropped by 50 to 70 percent in a matter of weeks. Encouraged by easing of HIPAA restrictions on telehealth, practices are trying to adapt quickly to telemedicine services, but it is a transition that will take time for a number of reasons. In the meanwhile, U.S. medical billing companies are also taking a hit on profitability.

Does this sound familiar?

In the present scenario, and with things remaining uncertain in the months ahead, the opportunity that presents itself is migrating your medical billing to Elite Offshore Resources, India.

Here are the top 7 reasons for you to consider this proposal –

1. Years of experience – We are a fifteen-year-old back-office outsourcing organization, specializing in medical billing operations. We have expertise in all major specialties including orthopedics, urology, pain relief management, general physicians, diagnostics and interventional cardiology, gastroenterology, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, physical therapy, endocrinology, primary care physicians, podiatry, internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, and pulmonology.

2. Tailored revenue cycle management solutions – We offer the following comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions that include (but not restricted to) –
• Data entry of patient demographics using the software of your choice
• Data entry of patient charges
• Patient insurance eligibility verification
• Charge review and approval
• Claims submission to a clearinghouse or medical payers
• Reduce days in accounts receivables by consistent follow up with insurance companies
• Accounts receivable and accounts payable reporting and analysis
• Research of old debts to ensure collection from insurance companies

3. Quick implementation: We have a huge talent pool of trained medical coders and billers with proficiency in both written and spoken English. This makes it much easier to migrate your processes.

4. Easy to scale: Availability of workforce resources also means you can upscale the business process at short notice.

5. Currency margins: The U.S. dollar is strongly pegged against the Indian Rupee (INR), with 1 USD equaling 76 INR (rate as of 02 April 2020). The currency advantage in favor of the USD is a straight-up opportunity to lower the cost of operations significantly and boost profitability.

6. Time zone difference of almost ten hours: A favorable time zone difference allows the Elite Offshore Resources team to complete end of day tasks before the start of your following workday in the U.S.

7. Compliance: We are HIPAA and HITECH compliance certified and therefore equipped to protect sensitive information.

Let’s use the COVID-19 crisis to make a sustainable and profitable change in the way you do business.

Our representatives in the U.S. are ready to answer any queries you have to make the transition.

Call us now on +17276984481 or email at

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