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Medical Coding

Accurate Medical Coding.
Successful Claims.
Are you satisfied with the efficacy of the medical coding process at your practice? Do you find your staff repeatedly reworking claims because of errors in medical coding? Streamlining your medical coding process is vital for healthy revenue streams for a healthcare enterprise.
What is Medical Coding?
Medical coding categorizes medical services, procedures, prescriptions, and tests using specific alphanumeric codes. Medical coding ensures that the practice staff, physicians, billers, coders, and payers follow a standardized classification of medical services. For payers, medical coding is the basis for understanding the patient's diagnosis, including the medical necessity of recommended treatment, services, or supplies received by the patient.
Medical coding is a dynamic field that requires careful attention to the changing medical coding and billing guidelines issued by CMS and specific insurance plans. It involves a detailed study of the physician notes, laboratory reports, and prescriptions to ascribe the appropriate medical codes, after which the medical claim is submitted to the payers.
Only AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) and AHIMA-certified medical coders are qualified to carry out the task of medical coding.
Top Challenges in Medical Coding

  • Medical coding is a dynamic field with new codes added/changed every year.
  • With over 68,000 ICD-10-CM, accuracy in medical coding is difficult to achieve.
  • Providers and medical practice owners struggle to find the time to supervise the billing process.
  • Hiring, training, and retaining in-house medical coders is expensive and time-consuming.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Coding to Elite Offshore Resources
Timely and accurate medical coding is vital to successful claims submission and getting paid. However, as many providers have limited resources for handling the administrative aspects of running a medical practice, outsourcing medical coding to a remote assistant team has become a natural choice.

Elite Offshore provides you easy access to a team of certified and experienced AAPC, and AHIMA certified coders. The impressive gains of medical coding outsourcing should dispel any questions you may have about moving forward with a medical coding partnership.

At Elite Offshore, we understand that every medical practice is unique. As a result, we combine our knowledge and experience with customized medical billing solutions that our clients need. Some additional benefits include:

  • Our team of trained coders works in a HIPAA-compliant IT environment.
  • Medical coding is done as per the latest CPT and ICD codes, CMS guidelines, and the workflows shared by our clients.
  • The medical billing done by each medical coder is reviewed by a seasoned coding auditor to ensure accuracy in claims submission and faster payment turnaround times.
  • Our coders are trained in medical coding of multiple specialties
  • Detailed reports and analytics provide clients with complete transparency in our functioning.
  • The medical coding support is easily scalable to meet the requirements of your growing practice.

Our medical coding services create substantial cost savings, with an unprecedented 2-3x ROI. Please fill the form below to learn more about our medical coding services.

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