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Elite CEO, Kunal Jain states, “We are not building a company, we are building a culture. We are building trust amongst employees and our clients. Employees don’t work for Elite. They work for customer service and client relationships. Elite is just a medium.”

Working at Elite: Beyond the Front Doors

Elite opened its door 13 years ago in Jaipur, India near Delhi. In a short time, we have become a leading provider of offshore healthcare BPO services, including medical coding, billing, accounts receivable management, claims processing, and healthcare revenue management. We have a strong brand name and are renowned for excellence in Revenue Cycle Management in the U.S. among doctors and medical groups. We employ 400 employees in a 108900 square foot state of the art, HIPAA compliant facility. We are building a new state of the art building for offshore outsourcing on 2.5 acres of land for 400 employees that will be capable of expansion up to 1,800 people. The future is bright with Elite.

Human Resources: How to Apply

On a typical day, job seekers come to the Elite Human Resources Office to fill out an application for employment. Candidates hand in their resume and completed application. Human resources representatives review their information and if the candidate is a good match, they are presented with a series of skills, knowledge, and aptitude tests.

A candidate applying for a data entry position would take a typing test. Someone applying for a medical coder position would be tested on their knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. An accounts receivable representative would be tested on their aptitude and communication skills. All candidates that pass these initial tests move on to the next phase of the hiring process, which is the interview.

Human resource representatives and department managers interview potential candidates for open positions within their respective departments. Those that are hired receive orientation and then begin job training that corresponds to their new job position.

Most employees that come to work for Elite stay with the company for a long time. Many have been here for five years.

    Please share your resume on hr@isyssoftech.in this mail id.

    The physical safety and protection of Elite employees is of upmost concern. Elite is committed to providing complete safety and security to all its employees. We have established specific safeguards and procedures in place to ensure the welfare of each staff member is protected at all times.

    Elite provides company transportation as a security measure for employees. Employees are transported securely between the company facility and their home.

    A certified security officer checks in all visitors and employees who enter and leave the building. Each person’s belongings are checked for unauthorized items, such as data storage devices (USBs, CDs, etc.) and laptops are logged. No technical devices are allowed unless approved by senior management.

    Elite has security cameras recording each room throughout the facility, as well as the exterior perimeter. The security team views the monitors and can act quickly on any suspicious activity. Our clients have the ability to see where their team is sitting and working via webcam and can interact with them via web conference.

    Elite uses a fingerprint based biometric authentication and password protected lock system for employees to gain entry into their respective work areas.

    Employees have personal lockers to secure their belongings and cell phones. Only team leaders can have cell phones.