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Demographics Entry

Better Patient Data Quality.
Better Speed-To-Care.
Sometimes getting the basics right can make a huge difference to the profitability of your medical practice! In revenue cycle management, those basics start with the patient demographics captured by a medical or group practice.
What are Patient Demographics?
Patient demographics refers to the personal and insurance coverage information of the patient. It includes the personal information of the patient such as the Full legal name, SSN etc., and Insurance Information.
3 Important Implications of Accurate Patient Demographics

  • Vital to your practice getting paid: Patient demographics are at the core of electronic health records and health insurance claims. Accuracy of patient demographics impacts every subsequent step in revenue cycle management like insurance eligibility verification, prior authorization, and claims approvals.
  • Important for patient communication: Your entire patient communication strategy (physical statement, payment reminders via phone/ text, and electronic messages) hinges on the accuracy of contact information.
  • Impacts patient care delivery: Accuracy in patient demographics is vital for evaluating existing medical conditions and rendering value-based healthcare.

Ensuring that all patient information is received via the paper-based registration process, or the patient scheduling system is updated on the medical practice's EMR is tedious and time-consuming. Hiring additional staff is often not an option due to space constraints at the practice office. Therefore, choosing to outsource the administrative task of patient demographics updates can be financially beneficial to medical practices.

Advantages of Outsourcing Patient Demographics Capture
Utilize Elite Offshore's Patient Demographics Capture Services to improve accuracy in patient demographics and optimize your revenue cycle. Apart from the quality of service, we also come with multiple advantages such as:

  • Lower your cost of operation: An in-house demographic capture team is expensive to hire. You can achieve effective results with Elite at a significantly lower service cost.
  • Accurate data capture: We have checks in place to ensure that every information recorded on the system is verified. Experience a never-before-seen accuracy in patient demographic capture.
  • Higher claims approval rate: A higher claims approval rate will be a natural outcome of Elite's team working dedicatedly on your patient records.
  • Detailed status updates: You get real-time, as well as weekly, reporting of patient demographic information.

Elite’s Value
Elite Offshore Resources has a proven track record of working with US medical practices on managing all their medical billing and revenue lifecycle management needs for almost 17 years. Our remote virtual medical assistant team can handle your entire patient demographics process.

  • All our staff are certified medical coders and billers.
  • We work on HIPAA-compliant software and processes.
  • We are equipped to work on any software of your choice.
  • We have a dedicated IT team to ensure that cyber security is not compromised.

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